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Australianisms featured in OzOnDeck
OzOnDeck Card Australianism Definition
Ace Clubs Didgeridoo A wind instrument of the Indigenous Australians of northern Australia.
2 Clubs Spit the dummy/Put on a turn To get very upset about something.
3 Clubs Esky Insulated ice box or cooler, useful also as an impromptu floatation device or extra seat.
4 Clubs She'll be apples/She'll be right Everything is going to be ok.
5 clubs What do you do for a crust? What is your occupation? Common during the Depression when jobs and food were scarce.
6 Clubs Was your father a glass maker? Don't stand in front of me, I can't see through you!
7 Clubs Handy as a hip pocket in a singlet Not very handy at all. Useless.
8 Clubs Level peggin' All equal. "In this game, we're level peggin' "
9 Clubs Has the tide gone out? Referring to someone who's glass is not full.
10 Clubs Stone the crows! That's incredible, I don't believe it!
Jack Clubs Dip the lid The proper way to greet a sheila when wearing a hat.
Queen Clubs Scarce as hen's teeth Very rare.
King Clubs Larrikin A block who always enjoys himself, a harmless prankster.
Ace Diamonds It'd blow the dog off it's chain It is very, very windy.
2 Diamonds Bread roll, sausage roll, peas & sauce An old school tuck shop snack.
3 Diamonds Ridgy didge True and genuine. If buying a car one might ask, "Is she redgy didge, mate?"
4 Diamonds Weather's a bit wild and woolly Stormy weather.
5 Diamonds No worries A state of mind or the response to a request: "No worries, mate!"
6 Diamonds Laughing gear Your smile or your mouth.
7 Diamonds It's all gone pear shaped The situation has taken a turn for the worst.
8 Diamonds Burger with the lot Beef pattie, bacon, cheese, pineapple, egg, onion, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, mayo and barbeque sauce.
9 Diamonds Chuck a U-ey Make a U-turn at the next intersection.
10 Diamonds Big Brekky Bacon, sausage, eggs, tomato, hash brown potatoes, mushrooms & toast.
Jack Diamonds Played up like a second-hand lawn mower Someone is not acting right or something is not operating properly.
Queen Diamonds Surfie A true surfer.
King Diamonds Digger An Australian soldier. This term originated during World War I.
Ace Spades Bushman's Alarm Clock The kookaburra bird, known for its loud call which echoes human laughter.
2 Spades Tinnie Small aluminium boat.
3 Spades Dog n' Bone The telephone. "I was on the dog n'bone to him the other night."
4 Spades Wouldn't shout if a shark bit you Someone who is tight with money. Not wanting to take their turn.
5 Spades Cooking with gas Getting somewhere, things are working out for the best.
6 Spades One for the road One more before you go.
7 Spades Damper Traditional outback bread typically baked in the coals of a campfire.
8 Spades Slow as a wet week Doing something very slowly.
9 Spades Kangaroos loose in the top paddock Referring to someone who is intellectually inadequate.
10 Spades Rough end of the pineapple To receive aggressive or unfair treatment.
Jack Spades Long flat dog A crocodile.
Queen Spades Chuck a sickie To take a day off sick from work when you're feeling fine.
King Spades Not within cooee Far away. Cannot be heard. An Australian call used in the bush.
Ace Hearts Chippie A carpenter.
2 Hearts Face Fungus A beard.
3 Hearts Lamingtons Sponge cake cubes coated in chocolate icing and desicated coconut.
4 Hearts Every man and his dog was there The meeting was well attended.
5 Hearts Koala Koalas are not bears. The are marsupials.
6 Hearts Shark biscuit A derogatory surfie term for a small surfboard or boogie board.
7 Hearts Off like prawns in the sun To leave very quickly.
8 Hearts Hoo Roo Goodbye or farewell. Ooroo is similar.
9 Hearts Hill's Hoist The iconic rotary clothes line invented by Lance Hill in 1945.
10 Hearts Done like a dog's dinner Over very quickly.
Jack Hearts Elbow slapper Measurement of a whiting fish. From your hand to your elbow is a great size!
Queen Hearts The Missus, The Cook The wife or partner. Also affectionately referred to as the "handbrake."
King Hearts True blue Real, true and genuine.





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