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"I work in an aged care facility and our oldies have had great fun. I found it interesting that they have many answers to some of the sayings and have quite a list of different ones. It was a good activity and we will be repeating it many times." - Jill Soppa

"Many thanks go out to Jill Soppa and we are honoured to feature her father, Corporal John "Jack" Vincent McDougall, as the Digger on the King of Diamonds card in OzOnDeck!" - Celeste

David Koch "They are a lot of fun and a great idea to teach others from 'across the seas' our funny lingo! A terrific gift idea, maybe for Christmas? And easy to post." - David Koch, Sunrise co-host
Prime Minister Julia Gillard

"Thank you for your recent correspondence and enclosed pack of ‘Oz On Deck’ cards you sent to the Prime Minister, thank you. The Prime Minister has asked me to respond on her behalf.

Firstly, congratulations on such an innovative and fun idea, you certainly have put your special talents to very good use. Card playing is certainly pastime that has lost a lot of its popularity over the years, which is a pity, it is fabulously social game. Your project should certainly go some way towards changing that.

The Prime Minister would like to pass on her best wishes for your business to grow and thrive and once again, thank you for your kind and thoughtful gesture.

Warm regards, Sandra Carmody, Office of the Prime Minister"



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