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All Things Uniquely Australian - Australian Inventions

This is just a partial list of the unique inventions that Australia has contributed to the rest of the world.

A full list can be found on the Wikipedia site:

Aboriginal Inventions

Invented by Australian aborigines and mainly used for hunting.

A wind instrument of the Indigenous Australians of northern Australia. It is crafted by selecting a section of Eucalyptus branch that has been hollowed by termites.

A type of spear thrower that adds thrust as part of the throwing action. It is said to have been the fastest weapon in the world until the invention of the self-loading rifle in the 19th century.

Australian Inventions

1838 - Pre-paid Postage
Using pre-stamped sheets as envelopes began in New South Wales.

1856 - Regrigerator
The world's first principal vapor compression ice making machine and refrigerator.

1889 - Electric Drill
Designed primarily to drill rock and dig coal, the electric drill pas patented on August 20, 1889.

1902 - Notepad
A Launceston stationer decided it would be a good idea to cut sheets of paper, back them with cardboard and glue them together at the top. Before then paper was only sold in sheets.

1906 - Feature Film
The world's first feature length film was The Story of the Kelly Gang and was a little over an hour long.

1940 - Zinc Cream
The white sunblock made from zinc oxide was first developed by the Fauldings pharmaceutical company.

1948 - Hill's Hoist Rotary Clothes Line
The famous rotary clothes line with a winding mechanism allowing the frame to be raised and lowered.

1953 - Solar Hot Water
Developed by a team at the CSIRO.

1958 - Black Box Flight Recorder
A voice and instrument data recorder invented by Dr. David Warren in Melbourne.

1979 - Boinic Ear
The cochlear implant was invented at the University of Melbourne.

2000 - Wi Fi
The first wireless transfer of data in a local area network developed by a team at the CSIRO.

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